Death is one of the hardest things we have to  face as human beings. At Christ Church we aim to do all we can to  support people through this difficult time. Our clergy are available to talk  and pray with you and the church is open during the day if you would like to spend time alone in quiet.

If you want to arrange a funeral at Christ Church or to ask for a  particular member of the clergy to conduct a funeral at the crematorium, then  it is usual to appoint a funeral director and ask them to liaise  with us on dates and times.

Once the  funeral has been arranged, one of the clergy will visit you at a time which  suits you, to plan the funeral and to talk with you about the person who has  died.

Each year in early November we hold a Memorial Service at Christ Church when we remember by name those who have died in the past year. Please  contact one of the clergy if you would like more information about this  service.

We have occasional Funeral Planning Days, when different professionals help people to understand the options around funerals and burials.

The Current Fees Are:

Service in church preceded or followed by cremation + cremation fee = £223 (cheque made out to Parish of Mortlake with East Sheen Parish Fees a/c).

The cost of a memorial service or thanksgiving service is the same as that for a funeral in church – £195

Organist = £100 (cheque made out in name of organist)

 Verger = £50 (cheque made out in name of verger)

 Heating, if required = £60 (cheque to  Christ Church, East Sheen, Churchwardens a/c)

 (anyone wishing to use the church for refreshments after the service is invited to speak to the minister conducting the service or the churchwardens as we are happy to accommodate this if possible. We have a set charge of £60 – church hall hiring fees are different, please see under Community Hall and bookings)