COVID-19/Corona Virus Update

Our church is open for private prayer every day from 2 – 4pm.

We have now re-opened for public worship. If you are coming to a Sunday service please bring this service sheet with you and re-use – thank you.

In daily life

We should all continue to wash our hands regularly with soap and water to avoid passing on infection to ourselves or others. Saying the Lord’s Prayer while hand washing is a good way of ensuring we wash our hands thoroughly and gives an opportunity to bring those who are sick or frightened in prayer to God.

Please be aware of elderly neighbours who may need help with shopping. If people are self-isolating please do not visit them, but perhaps ‘phone or email to ask how you can help.

A Prayer by Revd Sam Wells

God of healing and hope, in Jesus you meet us in our places of pain and fear.  Look with mercy on those who have contracted the new virus, on any who are vulnerable, and on all who feel in danger.  Through this time of global concern, by your Holy Spirit bring out the best not the worst in us.  Make us more aware of our interdependence on each other, and of the strength that comes from being one body in you.  Through Christ our wounded healer. Amen.

Worship At Home

Please click here for a form of Spiritual Communion suitable for Sundays.

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Please click here for a simple form of morning and night prayer each day of the week.

Listen to or read the Prayer for the Day and join in with thousands others saying these words each day.

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